Get Hammered With the Ultimate Bottle Opener

This blunt bottle opener from Good Beer Hunting gives new meaning to the phrase “getting hammered.”

What’s that? You’re still using the plastic key chain opener you bought at the university book store freshman year? Time to upgrade — and show that IPA who’s boss. Forged from solid bronze, the Beer Peen Hammer provides the leverage needed to peel the cap on a craft brew or a belligerent fellow partier. It’s patterned after an antique ball peen hammer they stumbled on at an estate sale and features a black oxidized finish that gradually reveals the metal beneath with time and wear. Additional details include a leather lace tie for hanging the BPH when it isn’t being actively wielded, and a custom-made waxed canvas tool bag as packaging. It’ll look as good hanging on your kitchen wall as it will opening that post-work chocolate stout, but if you want to be the Thor of bottled beer, you’ll have to act fast — the first run of the Beer Peen Hammer is limited to just 250 units. [$55;]