This Amphibious Motorcycle Will Make You Master of Both Land and Sea

It’s like something out of a Bond movie.

Thirty-eight years after James Bond drove what turned out to be a submersible Lotus off a pier in The Spy Who Loved Me, Gibbs Sports is dropping our jaws again with a real-life amphibious vehicle—and this time it’s a motorcycle.

The Biski sports a 55-horsepower twin cylinder engine capable of boosting it to cruising speeds of 37 MPH on water and 80 MPH on land. Both plenty adequate to set you back on your seat.

Although they rate the transition time at under five seconds, it looks pretty quick and smooth in the video below. As you’ll see, he pretty much drives right into the water and kicks up a rooster tail. Of course, as with Bond, it would’ve been cooler if when exiting the water he’d handed a fish to a land-lubbing gawker.

The price is still TBD, but if you have to ask, you know what that means.

Photos by Gibbs Sports Amphibians