This New Polaroid Camera Can Actually Print Out GIFs, So Get Your Clicking Finger Ready

You need to see this.

Brilliantly incorporating two millennial obsessions—kitschy old cameras and social media—into one product, Abhishek Singh’s invention may well break the Internet.

He engineered a polaroid camera that prints moving images that play on a loop, known to all as “GIFs.”

Just take a picture and, in lieu of a sheet of film, a digital cartridge of your bespoke new GIF jets out. 

The image even takes a few moments to develop… like a polaroid picture! Now shake it.


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It’s based off the design of the 1977 OneStep Polaroid, but Singh fittingly calls his the “NextStep.”

He built it from ProJet 7000 SCA 3D printer, and he’s detailed the whole process for those who are interested to learn more. 

But, it’s far beyond our tiny, pea-brained comprehension.

h/t Motherboard