Glampique Is Here to Install Furnished Luxury Tents Wherever You Want

Go glamping in style.


Despite the fact “glamping” is one of the dumbest-sounding portmanteaus ever devised, the act itself—camping, but with glamour—is definitely a thing. We live in an era when people want to get back to nature, sure, but they also want to do it in real comfort. 

Glampique is a new company that more than has you covered if that’s your thing. Inside Hook reports that it is, in fact, the first company of its kind. 

Let Glampique tell you what they do: “Glampique sells fully furnished glamorous camping tents, delivered and set up anywhere in America for $20,000*.”

Speaking to Inside Hook, Glampique founder David Levine says he has been “setting up glamping hotels and pop-ups across the country since 2014, when the concept was still relatively unknown.” 

Tent interior

“Over the years,” Levine continued, “I spoke with people who wanted a glamping tent in their backyard or at their hotel but weren’t sure where to start. I wanted to make it easy.”

It’s pretty simple, too. Anyone wanting that luxury tent experience for the back acre just consults with Levine’s company, chooses their poison, then Glampique does delivery, set-up, and furnishing. 

Glampique has services for both homes and for businesses, and tents have features like 10-foot vaulted ceilings, extra-large windows, and luxury decor from top designers. 

We might need to find a better word for luxury camping than “glamping” but that doesn’t change the fact that this looks like a great way to commune with nature. 

Into it? Pricing runs from $20,000 or so for the furnished tent up to $100,000 for a furnished cabin.