This $24,000 Glass and Leather Ping Pong Table Elevates Any Game Room

The Italian-made beauty boasts a low-iron glass table top and handcrafted leather legs available in 10 colors.
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Luxury ping pong tables and accessories have long served up vicarious thrills for table tennis aficionados. Whether it's handmade art paddles or handsome walnut-topped tables, high-end ping pong sets are designed to serve as a room's striking visual centerpiece, easily outshining the humble plywood, particle board or fiberboard tables typically hidden away in dingy basements and makeshift game rooms.

Impatia_Lungolinea Leather_navy_8

The latest entrant into the rarefied world of fancy ping pong tables is Impatia's new Lungolinea Leather Edition dreamed up by Italy's Adriano Design. 

Impatia_Lungolinea Leather_navy_4

This stunner boasts a low-iron glass table top and handcrafted leather legs available in a range of 10 colors, offset by luxe metal accents in either chrome or black nickel. 

Impatia_Lungolinea Leather_navy_3

The 441-pound beauty may retail for an eye-watering $24,000, but at least you can remove the Alcantara net and use it as a dining or meeting table when you're not smashing serves with the two "professional rackets" that come with it. 

Impatia_Lungolinea Leather_navy_2

Aspiring ping pong poobahs can shop Impatia's entire Lungolinea line here, which also offers glass tables accented with wood and 24 karat gold. 

Get further interior design inspiration from the stylish Italian gaming brand's Instagram feed below.

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