The Future of Coffee Has Taken the Form of Cubed Gummy Bites

Go Cubes make satisfying your caffeine fix a lot easier.


Say goodbye to that early morning java IV you routinely attach to your arm. There’s a much easier and chewier way to get the effects of coffee flowing through your veins, thanks to Nootrobox‘s latest creation, the Go Cube.

Originally devised as an Indiegogo experiment, the brown chewable coffee cubes are meant as a substitute for half of a regular cup of Joe (each cube contains 50mg of caffeine, with 2 servings recommended for daily consumption). The product also draws from Nootrobox’s other ‘alerting’ inventions, re-using past ingredients of B-complex vitamins and L-theanine with the caffeine to create a jitter-free combination.

The 3-D gelatinous square may appear like a quick fix to that annoyingly long Starbucks line, but don’t think of it as a solid solution just yet. Mic reported that though it “tasted like coffee candy,” you can still “taste the supplements” with each bite, since eating it requires chewing and tasting each bite, rather than just swallowing it like a caffeine pill.

That being said, the lengths one will go to achieve complete focus are up in the air. If you yearn for that bitter dark roast flavor, then continue your morning trip with your iPhone in one hand and travel mug in the other. But if you’re looking for a caffeinated lifestyle change (and you consider tea to be simply revolting), these cubes might be for you.