Take The Plunge With The World’s Deepest-Diving Personal Submarine

It’s the perfect vehicle to take you 6,600 feet below the ocean’s surface.

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Triton Submarines

Not long ago the idea of a personal submarine was strictly the stuff of Bond movie fantasies. But Triton Submarines of Vero Beach, Florida has pioneered the way for those with enough cash to explore the ocean’s depths in a style that even 007 would envy. Their latest vessel, the $5.5 million Triton 6600/2, is the world’s deepest-diving acrylic hulled submersible.

It’s capable of taking a pilot and passenger 6,600 feet below the surface of the ocean – about 10 times deeper than most SCUBA divers can manage – in an environment as comfortable as your living room. Plus, the truly impressive depth rating means you can be pretty sure no one’s ever been there before you.

Triton Submarines

Tritons made the first dives ever in Antarctica, dove on the wreck of the HMS Britannic in Greece and explored the waters of the Maldives, Thailand, Tahiti, Malta and the Bahamas, to name a few. 

If you want something bigger and more industrial – with a suitable rise in price – Triton makes subs that can hold up to eight passengers and dive to a depth of a mind-boggling 36,000 feet – literally the bottom of the ocean.