Go Hi-Fi With The Sperling Heavyweight Turntable

Bow down to the eargasm-inducing, $36,000 record player.

Face it: Your copy of Let It Bleed sounds pretty good on your current setup, but have you listened to it on a record player that costs as much as an SUV? After you hear this beauty, you’ll want to treat your table as if you were Keef destroying a St. Tropez hotel room in ’72. 

The German-made Sperling Heavyweight takes vinyl to crazy-cool extremes: This 100-pound steel behemoth retails for about $36,000 and emits heavenly highs and sublime lows. With two tonearms that allow audiophiles to switch between stereo and mono and set them in virtually any imaginable position, the Heavyweight is basically the equivalent of aural sex. The dual arms can be equipped with various phono cartridges—an ultramodern Lyra for the Black Keys, say, or a jazz-friendly Koetsu for Coltrane. Just make sure your amp and speakers can match its balls-out brilliance.