The Godzilla Guitar Is the Loudest Way to Celebrate the King of Monsters’ 65th Birthday

Crank this city-smashing axe up to 11.

Godzilla Guitar Promo 2
Godzilla Store

ESP has created a wild new Godzilla-shaped guitar to honor the famed movie monster’s 65th birthday. 

Godzilla Store

The Tokyo-based guitar giant started with an alder wood body that was meticulously crafted to resemble the towering, city-smashing reptile as it was portrayed in 2016’s Japanese kaiju movie Shin Godzilla, complete with a shrieking, toothy mouth. 

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Godzilla Store

As Robb Report notes, the eye-popping instrument boasts a 24-fret, three-piece maple neck, ebony fingerboard, Floyd Rose bridge, Gotoh tuners, EMG-85 pickup, and a tail-shaped headstock. It’s based on a custom model played by Toshihiko Takamizawa, frontman for Japanese rock band The Alfee. 

Godzilla Store

When shredders really want to activate some star power, there’s a switch that activates a series of purple LED lights. The feature is meant channel the radioactive glow Godzilla gets right before it lets out a blast of havoc-wreaking “atomic breath.” 

Godzilla Store

Only five of these Godzilla Guitars will be sold for a price that’s as tall as the 393-foot lizard itself: $52,500 apiece. 

Visit the Godzilla Store online to place an order before the September 30 deadline.