This Company Is Selling Gold-Plated Apple Headphones for an Absurd Price

They cost nearly 200 times more than the pricy new Apple AirPods Max.
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Caviar Apple AirPods Max  (2)

Those who had a tough time justifying the Apple AirPods Max's $550 price tag should stop reading now, because this bedazzled aftermarket treatment of the silicon valley giant's first over-ear headphones steps into six-figure territory. 

Caviar Apple AirPods Max  (1)

Luxury gadget company Caviar has plated the outer earcups and other metal fixtures in pure 18-karat gold, then wrapped the overhead headband in "rare black crocodile leather." 

Caviar Apple AirPods Max  (4)

Apparently this design is worth nearly 200 times more than the base AirPods Max, because the this one-of-one "Golden Black" edition is listed for $108,000. "If you appreciate sophisticated design, laconicism and innovation, this model was created for you," the listing reads. 

Caviar Apple AirPods Max  (5)

We assume that Caviar's custom work doesn't interfere with core functionality from the removable magnetic ear cushions, two-button and Siri-activated controls, Apple HomePod hardware, or balanced sound tuning, but that's necessarily not a given. 

Caviar Apple AirPods Max  (3)

Feel free to check out the AirPods Max Golden Black online—just be careful around that "1-Click Order" button.