Gold Playstation Controllers Exist, Are Sold Out

Decadence, thy atomic number is 79.

When Colorware decided to make 24-carat gold Playstation controllers, they presumably thought the market for gilded gaming was limited. How else would you explain the initial 25-controller un? Well, they stand (or, realistically, slouch) corrected. The controllers sold like unnecessarily shiny hotcakes. Demand outstripped supply, which means that there are presumably serious Halo players out there feeling pretty bummed that they don’t have gold controllers. Here’s what we have to say by way of making everyone feel better: There will always be more gold controllers. As long as there are men of vision willing to pay an extra $260 dollars to feel cold metal against their sweating palms, a company will find a way to make them happy. So don’t panic when you can’t compete with your buddy’s 24k tool. His buttons are still plastic and you’ll be the first on line when platinum hits the market. []