Here’s a Map of Google’s Insane New York Holiday Party

This makes your company holiday party look like an infant’s birthday bash.

We look forward to the our annual office holiday parties for a variety of reasons, but mostly it’s because we get to enjoy good food, fun and merriment on our boss’s dime.

From the looks of it, Google’s company holiday party is going to blow all of ours out of the water.

A source at Google send along this map of the company’s New York holiday celebration, scheduled for Thursday evening at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in midtown Manhattan. 

Open this image in a new window for a more detailed view

Featuring 14 themed rooms with an exotic mixture of food and fun, it’s clear that Google is a company that knows how to party. Then again, this should surprise no one considering the search giant’s reputation for crazy company parties. Look, Google’s offices have slides; if they’re going to impress their employees for the holidays, they obviously have to go all out. (Neither Google or Waldorf Astoria responded to requests for comment.)

If you try to crash one holiday party this year, make it this one. Although to be honest, the Astor Salon “fantasy” room dedicated to a “Piano Man” sing-along seems like it might get really old really fast.