5 Insane GoPro Videos We Think Should Win This $5,000 Award

Of course, we haven’t seen yours yet…

GoPro cameras make every man a videographer. Whether you’re heading into a music festival, diving underwater, or just laying around the house, you can have some pretty crisp point of view film to go with it. Now the company is set to make a few of you award winning video producers

The GoPro Awards is an ongoing contest that lets users of the ubiquitous action cam profit form their work. Shoot something amazing? You could win $500 for a photo, $1,000 for a raw video clip or even $5,000 for a video edit. The best part? You still own your content after winning the award.

According to Gizmodo, GoPro representatives said that though the company does have the right to use your videos or photo for whatever they’d like after you upload it, they will compensate for each usage. So yes, you could bag $5,000 for an amazing video edit and then later on get another check from GoPro because they decided it was dope enough to slice into a commercial. Sounds like an amazing idea.

You can upload your content for consideration to the GoPro site, but the time is now, because the there’s only $5 million in prizes a year. Yes my friends, a measly $5 million. Poking around the interwebs, we’ve found five past GoPro vids we think the company should throw some cash to.

GoPro vs. Rattlesnakes

If you can stomach watching it all the way though, you deserve an award.

​GoPro Goes to Space

Talk about a view!

GoPro Takes On Canyon Backflip

Not going to lie, a little nauseous myself.

GoProDoes Burning Man

In case you never got a chance to see inside of that party.


GoPro Does a Flaming Jump From A Building

This deserves the money to help pay the guy’s mental bills alone.