Got $300,000? Buy JFK’s Sailboat.

Turns out, you can put a price on history.

This Monday, President John F. Kennedy’s sailboat, Flash II, hit the auction block at the rock bottom price of $100,000. Luckily for you, no one took the bait, and the historical vessel is now back on the market over at Heritage Auctions. If you’ve got a spare $305,000 lying around, this presidential sea-faring lady could be yours.

The Flash II is a Star Class Sailboat that earned its fame not just from its owner, but from its racing days against JFK’s brother Joseph P. Kennedy in the Nantucket Sound Star Fleet. Built in 1930, the boat measures 22 feet long and has a 30-foot mast, outfitted with wood trimmings and bronze finishes.

They say the two happiest days in a man’s life are when he buys his boat and sells his boat, but with such a storied past, you may never want to part with this beauty.

Photos by Heritage Auctions