This Military Knife Packs a .22- Caliber Pistol in The Handle

A badass revolver/bayonet hybrid fit for James Bond himself.
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G.R.A.D. MB16F (2)

An old adage warns that you should never bring a knife to a gun fight...unless you're packing this killer pistol/knife hybrid. 

G.R.A.D. MB16F (4)

The Global Research And Development (G.R.A.D.) MB16F is a beastly 6.5-inch bayonet with a .22-caliber, six-shot revolver hidden in its handle. 

G.R.A.D. MB16F (1)

The wild-looking weapon, which had a very limited production run in Las Vegas throughout the early 2000s, works much like any other handgun. 

Squeeze the low-profile trigger, and a .22 Long Rifle round fires through a 3.5-inch barrel located above the flat edge of the blade. 

G.R.A.D. MB16F (3)

To reload, simply push a button located in the hilt to open the cover and access the action. 

If you really want to go overkill in the firepower department, this thing can be attached to any M16/AR15 platform with a military-spec, 21.5-inch barrel. 

G.R.A.D. MB16F (5)

The G.R.A.D. MB16F is expected to fetch between $1,500-$2,000 through Morphy Auctions. The auction house is selling the unique piece in un-fired mint condition with the original packaging. 

G.R.A.D. MB16F

Just be sure you're eligible for Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms approval before placing a bid.