The Gravity-Defying Speaker

The gravity-defying speaker that floats above the rest.

Flotation is the future of everything—hoverboards, flying cars, trash islands—but not even Robert Zemeckis prophesied the levitating Bluetooth speaker. Clocking in at just over three and a half inches in diameter, Om Audio’s gravity-defying orb floats magically an inch above its magnetic base.

Perhaps it’s a gimmick. But it’s a cool gimmick, one that will not only dazzle others, but, according to Om, actually improves performance by eliminating the loss of sonic energy that’s typically absorbed by surfaces like tables or bookshelves. The base suspends and charges the orb (or any other device) via USB, and illuminates when complete. The orb can be operated free of the base for portability and even paired with another orb for stereo sound.

Other benefits include an embedded microphone for taking calls, 15 hours of run time and availability in jet black, glacier white and mirrored disco ball. Just be careful not to pack it with your softball gear. [$179 during crowdfunding/$199 thereafter;]