The Amazing New Grobo Grows High-End Weed Right In Your Own Home

Take the strain out of growing your own strain.

The Grobo cannabis home growing system (Photo: Grobo)

There you are in the city, with not so much space and even less talent when it comes to gardening. Yet you’re really interested in rising to the horticultural challenge to raise your own tomatoes, kale, basil, strawberries or, say, Blue Dream cannabis strain.

Enter Grobo. Just plant whatever seeds you’ve legally obtained with the best intentions, tell the app what you’re aiming to cultivate and it optimizes the water, nutrients, temperature and light, using a proprietary 50 LED system controllable across eight wavelengths.

Check in on your specimens through the app (Photo: Grobo)
Check in on your specimens through the app (Photo: Grobo)

The app lets you check in, see how little Seymour (or whatever you name you plant) is doing and share recipes with other users.

Along the way, its special glass front panel transitions from transparent to opaque, both to mimic the progression of natural sunlight throughout the day and so you can inspect your plants without disturbing their delicate ecosystem.

Although naturally results vary, harvesting two ounces every three months represents a typical yield. In other words, a decent amount for your personal medicinal use.

Smaller, more affordable and diverse than other home growing appliances, Grobo is available to pre-order starting today. A $199 deposit locks in your $899 price, a 30% discount off the retail pricing that’ll kick in the first week in September, with an estimated delivery timeframe of April 2017.