This Sleek Brass Bottle-Opener Is the Only Keychain Worth Owning

Simple, stylish, and functional EDC.

Seriously dude, no offense to your alma mater, but it’s time to retire that big ugly logo-encrusted bottle-opener that’s weighing down your keychain. Grovemade’s Brass Key Ring ($59, also available in black oxide or stainless steel for $39) is stylish simplicity defined. More than that, it’s solid brass, so it’s tough as hell. The loop is split just enough to make it easy to quickly hang on your belt loop—but it’s obviously small enough to slip in your pocket, if you’re not into the dangling key custodial look. Best of all, in a subtle, mature way, it incorporates bottle-opening abilities. So you can still crack open a cold one, just without looking like an underclassman.