H. Moser ‘Matrix Green’ Watch Updates Endeavour Collection

The stunning new watch showcases the precision of a three-hand watch and uses a beautiful enamel dial design.

H. Moser

Watchmaking is elevated to another level entirely in the hands of the world’s most illustrious and daring brands, not unlike the new trails being blazed by H. Moser with each new release, including in its striking Endeavour Collection. That minimal lineup is buoyed by another standout this week, thanks to the new H. Moser Endeavour Centre Seconds Concept Matrix Green.

For just about $25,000, the latest stripped-down yet impressive watch can be yours, with an expressive, deep dial that really does call to mind the green code of The Matrix. It’s done with great care through the process of enameling, joining its peers in the Endeavour Collection with an incredible run of fumé dials.

H. Moser

Three color pigments are washed and finely crushed before being applied in painstaking fashion to the dial, which starts with a pattern hammered into a gold base. In watchmaking as in style, it really is the little details that make the difference, and H. Moser has perfected those (in our book, at least).

To achieve the intense, intricate final product, the “Grand Feu” enamel dial must be fired 12 times before it’s deemed worthy of the H. Moser seal of approval.

This isn’t just a timepiece with remarkable looks on the surface, though. The latest Endeavour Centre Seconds Concept uses the company’s HMC 200 automatic calibre movement, one that’s been produced entirely in-house from start to finish.

H. Moser

To hear H. Moser tell it, developing a watch with a dial sans numerals and indices is no easy feat, as simple and subtle as it might look on the surface. Of course, the proof is in the smallest design touches.

The process of carefully crafting a 3-hand watch in such a unique manner “requires expertise at the very highest level, as it is the details that really elevate the piece,” the company said in a statement.

A 3-day power reserve bolsters this watch even further — it’s made to truly be worn, rather than admired from afar (although it’s certainly advisable you put it on display frequently, too).

H. Moser

The rest of the watch’s eye-catching specs speak to its real-life utility, too, from the 40mm case diameter to the grey kudu leather strap.

The company calls its latest feat its “own and unique take on haute horlogerie,” which is about as worthy a reason as any to admire this watch — and to make it your own, if you’re lucky enough to secure one.