If You Want to Officially Own Summer, It's Time to Splurge on This Hot Tub Boat

Ever been in the water while on the water?
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The cool toy geniuses at Hammacher Schlemmer are offering another item you didn't know you couldn't live without, like this miniature monster truck. It is an electric boat with a built-in hot tub that lets you simultaneously cruise and soak.

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The boat runs for as long as ten hours on a charge, at a speed of 5 mph using its 24-volt electric motor and you steer it using a joystick.

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Meanwhile, your mighty sailing vessel contains a 4' x 8' (the same area as a sheet of plywood) pool that is two feet deep and stays at a toasty 104 degrees thanks to a diesel-fueled boiler.

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This provides capacity for 2,100 lbs. of water and six adult bathers/boaters.

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To get the party started, there's a waterproof stereo system with two 50-watt speakers.

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This looks like the best $42,000 you will ever spend. It definitely beats floating with girls in the swamped cockpit of that Sunfish sailboat, soaking in lukewarm sun-heated water back in the day.