Take a Shot (of Booze) from Han Solo’s Blaster

Meet the greatest flask in the galaxy.

For decades, Star Wars fans have argued about whether #HanShotFirst in the cantina scene with Greedo, a fellow smuggler. We’ve heard compelling reasoning that he did and seen convincing footage that he didn’t. But rather than debate whether everyone’s favorite galactic anti-hero turned hero is a “cold-blooded killer” or not, we’d rather just drink. And thankfully, we’re in luck.

Earlier this week, IF Industries posted the “First Shot” Blaster Flask on their blog. In commemorating Han’s DL44, it stores 4.4 ounces of your favorite hooch. The gun’s silver muzzle serves both as the flask’s cap and a 1.5-ounce glass, so you can get the first shot.

Although it’s just a concept for now, they’ve had such a huge response from adoring, alcohol-loving fans that they may try to make it a reality. Until then, keep it in your holster.

Photos by IF Industries