This Hand-Powered Case Will Keep Your Phone from Dying

Power drained? Get cranking.

Crank it up to power your iPhone

Searching our memory banks, we can’t seem to recall seeing a case for our beloved iPhone that refuses to let it die. Sure, we’ve seen all manner of battery cases. But what if you forget to back up that backup? And we’ve seen crank-to-use batteries and radios from the likes of Eton, but never in a compact case form factor like this.

That’s why we’re amped up about this AMPware case. It lets you turn just five minutes of raw cranking—which does take some arm strength; but you’re up for it, right champ?—and turns it into an hour of phone use.  Hey, whatever the effort, now there’s no excuse for being powerless to power up our most treasured tech appendage.

It’s available to order in three flavors (Shadow, Sport and Ranger), each for the sale price of $79. Even at the regular price ($129), a small price to pay for a lifeline to the world. Not to mention how it protects your phone too.