Hang W/ Brings You to the Edge of Stardom

In the crowded field of live-streaming Apps, Hang W/ is banking on celebrity power for the edge.

The only thing more farfetched a year ago than there actually being a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight was the idea that people would be using something called “Periscope” to pirate it. But sure enough, in just under a year, live-streaming video apps have exploded across the marketplace. But the competition is tough — the road to streaming nirvana is littered with the bones of failed ventures (like the now-doomed Meerkat). But one company thinks that it has the adaptability and star power to actually break away from the field. 

At a grizzled two years old, Hang W/ (y’know, like “Hang With”), has monetized the live-streaming world, much like YouTube was one of the first to monetize user-generated video. By getting people to watch your live dj set, performance, or even impromptu talk show, you can earn some cash as well as reach entirely new audiences. Unlike Periscope, which only allows you to use it through Twitter, Hang W/ allows users to embed the stream in a ton of different platforms — be they Facebook, a website, or a Tumblr. Basically it blows open the world of live streaming, and has brought along some powerful and popular friends to help. 

50 Cent has been streaming from his home and interacting with fans along the way. Look at the size of his house! 

Model Arianny Celeste has also been using the App to bring fans even closer… which is a pretty great thing:

You can check out Hang W/ here