This Personalized ‘Selfie’ Luggage Will Terrify Everyone at Baggage Claim

At least you’ll know which suitcase is yours.


(Photo: Firebox)

This one is for anyone who’s ever mistakenly grabbed the wrong black suitcase at the airport.

British company Firebox has unveiled a new “personalized” suitcase cover, which allows you to plaster your face all over your luggage, front-to-back.

(Photo: Firebox)

This is a whole new ballpark from monogramming.

Getting your own “Headcase” is simple: just upload a hi-res image of your face, any face of your choosing, or just any picture you want, and Firefox will send you a customized polyester spandex cover for your luggage.

(Photo: Firebox)

Just try to make a better face than this guy.

You’ll never have to play the guessing game at the carousel again. Prices start at $26.

(Photo: Firebox)

h/t Teen Vogue