The Headphone of the Future Is Almost Here

The wireless Dash by Bragi keeps up with athletes and audiophiles, tracking activities and pumping out great sound.

We’ve come a long way from those clunky headphones that spent the nineties playing wingman for your CD player. Today, we’ve got Beats for the drum-and-bass crowd and those earbuds and white wires for anyone looking for something more streamlined. But wires aren’t sexy. That’s a fact and that’s why The Dash by German producer Bragi is music to our ears. The Dash is a wireless set of headphones with a three-point system to fit into your ear. The small buds can be used with or without a smartphone and contain 4G of storage – enough for about 1000 songs.

Photo Courtesy of Bragi

A system of slide motions and taps allows users to change songs or volume setting easily and look like Secret Service officers while doing it. The Dash fits snuggly enough that you can wear it while running or swimming (it’s waterproof) and actually has a heart rate monitor should you decide to do so. It works with smartphones, is bluetooth-enabled, and has a built in microphone, meaning you can confuse strangers by carrying on one-sided conversations. The bad news: You’ll have to wait a bit to go wire-free. Bragi is taking pre–orders, but won’t ship the first models until January. Get in line now and start thinking about your playlist.[$300;]

Photos by Bragi