This Smart Lamp Boosts Productivity With ‘Visual Caffeine’

Its targeted blue light supposedly perks you up just like a cup of coffee.

The HEAVN One visual caffeine smart sunlight desk lamp (Photo: HEAVN)

Light not only provides a means for seeing stuff, but can affect your mood. And since we can’t all work outside and enjoy the sun’s nurturing beams, the HEAVN One is here to keep us happy and productive.

One way it does so is with a boost of “Visual Caffeine” (targeted blue light) at the touch of a button, designed to perk you up in the same way as coffee. Beyond that visual stimulant, it also emits varying color temperatures throughout the day (just as the sun does), as a way to keep your body clock set right.

Aside from all that fancy stuff—and the fact that you can control and personalize it through an app—it’s actually just a great light on its own, that can be rotated 360 degrees to give off both ambient and downlight, in addition to the bio-light. 

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About halfway to their Kickstarter campaign goal with a month left, you can still get about a 40% discount off the Blue ($325), Silver ($545) and Gold ($765) models. For each, the desk stand is another $55.

They’re aiming for December availability, somewhat coincidentally right when we’re the most natural light-deprived.