Tony Hawk Is Bringing an Actual Hoverboard to the World

Forget all of that two-wheeled nonsense. 

Tony Hawk pulled a fast one on us last year in a Funny or Die clip where the legendary pro skater, along with Terrell Owens and a handful of other stars, took a ride on the “Huvr” hoverboard and extolled the virtues of the high-tech deck. While it was really just a viral ploy,  Hawk is bringing the heat this year with an actual hoverboard

Hawk has linked up with ArxPax, a company that made a real live hoverboard last year. That board, dubbed the Hendo, will reemerge on October 21 as the Hendo 2.0, a next generation hoverboard designed in close collaboration with Hawk. Though not nearly as slick as the iconic pink deck from Back To The Future Part II, it looks to be way better than those two-wheeled monstrosities people keep insisting on calling hoverboards (even though they don’t fucking hover). 

“Getting Tony’s feedback made a huge difference in our design approach,” said co-founder and CEO Greg Henderson during release. “After some long discussions, we all agreed that the hoverboard should be as intuitive as possible, so we used a traditional [skateboard] deck as the user interface.”

The new version of the Hendo will reportedly feature metal axles to improve traction, and improved power system which helps extend battery life and juice the array of electromagnets that actually do the hovering. While this sadly means that the board will only work over a special conductive surface (someone hurry and tile the house with copper already?) it’s at least a big step to taking less steps.

The company plans to invest their profits into research to develop more technology so the boards can be ridden anywhere. So yes, you can finally stop calling these horrible things hoverboards now.