Here’s What Happens When a Woman Wears a Fitbit During Sex

The results are fascinating.

This probably isn’t the sex toy you normally think of. Redditor noveltysin decided to wear her Fitbit during sex with her boyfriend and decided to share the results with the 3.7 million readers of the website’s r/dataisbeautiful community. The results are fascinating: 

Obviously, one woman’s nine minutes of ecstacy isn’t the most scientific sample — “I am fit lady so resting hr is 60ish,” she writes, which is cool I guess — but her Fitbit chart is actually more accurate than you may suspect. Gizmodo somehow noticed that results of this little exercise resemble the heart rates of test subjects in the 1956 paper Physiologic Responses During Coitus, which examined, um, physiological responses during coitus. Take a look below — since noveltysin wasn’t measuring her heart rate during foreplay, you only need to look a the sections labeled ‘B’:

Pretty neat, huh? If you own a Fitbit, you may want to consider trying it yourself and seeing how it turns out. But if you do sent it to us: While noveltysin’s experiment is totally fascinating, it’s absolutely the least sexy sex image ever published.

Photos by Getty Images