Herman Miller and Logitech Team For $1,500 Embody Gaming Chair

It's the ultimate throne for video game obsessives.
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Herman Miller, best-known for making luxury ergonomic desk chairs like the "Cosm," is swiveling to the world of gaming with a new model created in collaboration with Logitech G.  

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The Embody Gaming Chair is based on the Embody, which was developed using the collective expertise from a team of physicians and PhDs from the fields of biomechanics, vision, physical therapy and ergonomics. 

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That existing chair featured a "Pixelated Support" system that conforms to the body's micro-movements, thereby distributing weight evenly to reduce pressure and encourage movement, as well as a "PostureFit" device that supports the spine at its lowest point and "BackFit" technology that encourages a healthy, neutral posture. 

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With an understanding that gamers typically sit in a more active and upright position than office workers, Herman Miller added a fifth layer of cushioning foam infused with copper to diffuse heat. The seat can be adjusted by height and depth, and the arms can be adjusted by height and width. 

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Engadget notes that the bright blue seat back almost looks like it's floating over the black base when viewed from the rear. From a head-on perspective, it looks more like a sleek, modern office chair. 

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Additionally, Herman Miller is rolling out a matte-finished, anti-smudge and glare gaming desk with adjustable legs and a desktop-mounted monitor arm with 26.5 and 13.5 inches of horizontal and vertical travel.

All three pieces of high-end furniture retail for $3,089, the most expensive being the $1,495 Embody Gaming Chair. Go here to learn more or place an order.