This Is Literally the Coolest Pillow You Can Buy

And it’s absolutely perfect for sex.

Almost 50 years after NASA developed¬† the original “temper foam” concept, the folks at HIBR (said like “hibernate” but without the third syllable) have finally improved upon it. If you’ve ever slept on a traditional memory foam pillow or mattress pad, you know just how hot those suckers typically get. Not these pillows. They’re infused with special capsules that melt to absorb much of the heat, so when you’re getting busy in that bed of yours, you can ditch the extra sweat.

Aside from dissipating the heat issue, HIBR’s solved another temper pillow problem: they’re too squishy and are slow to regain their shape. The 2.0 version starts off firmer (yet still comfortable) and springs back to form quicker. In other words, don’t expect to be staring at an impression of your hand (or anything else) for 10 seconds.

Less than a year after they nearly doubled their goal on Kickstarter (back when the product was called “Fohm”), HIBR offers three pillows, to accommodate whatever your favorite position is. Although the pillows are each curvy in their own way, they’re priced at a flat $79. A small price to pay for consistently getting a great night’s sleep and never having to search for the cool side of the pillow again.

Photos by HIBR