Hitcase Wants to Turn Your iPhone Into a GoPro

With this waterproof case and wide-angle lenses, your Snapchats are about to get pretty damn extreme. 

We live in an age of constant self-documentation: smartphones, selfie-sticks, and GoPros assure most of our moments are photographed (and, likely, heavily edited). To make things even easier, People’s Revolution is releasing the Hitcase, a waterproof, shockproof case that turns your iPhone into mountable, GoPro-like camera perfect for any outdoor adventure. [All footage and photography filmed with Hitcase.]

Interchangeable lenses mean your Hitcase-wrapped iPhone can shoot underwater with a macro lens, capture an entire vista with a 3X Super wide-angle lens, or just shoot great footage courtesy of a high-quality flat lens. Plus, an array of accessories allows athletes from surfers to bikers to skiers to secure the Hitcase and capture the perfect footage from an angle that befits the sport.

Snap in your phone, and create a super-portable, high-quality camera—no battery packs, SD cards, or extra lenses required. With the Hitcase, there’s no reason—besides vestiges of modesty—for the wild Snapchats, jealousy-inducing Instagrams, and extreme Vines to stop, no matter the terrain. 

Photos by Hitcase