The 2016 Maxim Holiday Gadget Gift Guide

The greatest entertainment and information tech of the year is perfect for giving…and receiving.

Holiday gift guides start out with the best of intentions, as a source of warm and fuzzy inspiration for buying presents for others. Yet, inevitably, they turn into a lust-worthy roster of all the cool stuff we really want to keep for ourselves.

Behold Maxim’s 2016 Gadget Gift Guide, meant to accompany our equally awesome 2016 Gear Gift Guide. What the hell is the difference between gadgets and gear, you ask? Though most of the year we tend to lump them together, let us make the following distinction: Gadgets are leisure-minded electronics focused on delivering entertainment or information, and gear is meant to help you thrive indoors and survive outdoors in the best way possible.

The gallery above is squarely focused on 20 must-have gadgets for you and yours this year. Sure, there’s potential crossover between gadgets and gear—as with, say, a stylish Geiger counter radiation detection watch. But rather than focusing on the differences, why not just celebrate the fact that you’re getting two gift guides out of the deal?

After getting your gadget fix, don’t forget to check out our equally amazing Gear Gift Guide.