This Screen Turns You Into an Actual 3D Hologram

It’s pretty amazing.

This transparent screen displays 3D holograms (Photo: HoloVit)

Just as teleportation and flying cars will surely be a part of our future, it has also been foretold that 3D holograms will be commonplace occurrences—and we’re not talking about the rainbowy, static, laser-etched kind you find in museum gift shops that change angles as you move, but actual videos and animation that move on their own.

HoloVit is developing a special transparent screen that takes special recorded images from your phone, tablet, laptop, TV or projector and displays them on what you might call a 21st century picture frame.

It can also be interactive, as with their 30-level space shooter game. In fact, they offer over 1,000 holograms in their content library. But the best part is that you can record yourself (or your friends, pets or whatever) as well.

So what hologram will you create first? If you’re able to resist the urge to record highly predictable impressions of Emperor Palpatine or (if you swing that way) Princess Leia, perhaps you could dress up like Pikachu and make your Pokémon GO-addicted friends do a triple take. Or hey, ditch the costumes altogether and just be as impromptu or creative as you want.

Though you can buy just the screen by itself through their Indiegogo campaign, you’ll need a black backdrop like the modular one included in their recording sets to make your own holograms. Those packages run $299, $329 and $409, depending on whether you want a small (15″ X 10″), medium (24″ X 16″) or large (“35 X 26”) screen for your holographic entertainment purposes.