This Self-Driving Smart Cooler Will Have Your Beer Following in Your Footsteps

Thank you, science.

Hondas Robocas
Image: Honda Motor Co.

Have you ever wanted a cooler that will literally follow in your footsteps? Probably not, but that didn’t stop Honda from conjuring up the RoboCas concept. 

According to Honda, the autonomous battery-powered cooler is designed to cart around belongings as it follows behind you like a good dog. A retractable awning allows it to transform into a food cart or any number of other mobile businesses. 

Image: Honda Motor Co.

“Using Honda’s autonomous mobility technology, RoboCas can follow people in its unique, cute way, bringing happiness and joy to everyone.” 

Ironically, one of their promotional images shows children chasing, not leading, the futuristic fridge, but that’s neither here nor there. 

Image: Honda Motor Co.

The RoboCas is currently making its debut at this week’s Tokyo Motor Show. 

Integrate this self-driving technology into the beer-throwing Cooler Cannon, then we’ll be seriously interested.

h/t: Inside Hook