This Horse Co. Camping Knife Is Made From the Coney Island Boardwalk

The Scandinavian-style blade has far more history than whatever pocket knife you currently carry around.

When Hurricane Sandy tore through New York in the autumn of 2012, one of its many casualties was the Coney Island boardwalk. But what’s lost is never really gone, and the Ipe Wood salvaged from the site after the storm has made its way into the handle of the Horse Co. Camping Knife. Inlayed alongside maple, the wood lends a beautiful crosshatched pattern – and one hell of a story – to the Scandinavian-style, carbon steel blade. Each knife is honed to handle everything from standard slicing and tent stake sharpening to (probably) Carnival-style tossing. The Brooklyn-made blade is available on its own or with a vegetable tanned leather sheath.  From $240;