This Hot Tub Hammock Is the Perfect Winter Invention

Stay warm and relaxed all year long.

It’s time to admit it: summer is long gone. The days are getting shorter and colder, which means it’s time to trade in our summer luxuries for autumnal comfort. Swap your tank top for a cardigan, your iced coffee for a pumpkin spice latte (just kidding), and the beach for apple picking and other seasonally-appropriate outings.

But summer fun doesn’t need to die when the leaves do. Thanks to a few brave souls on Kickstarter, your days of lounging in your hammock are far from over. The Hydro Hammock meshes the soothing bubbles of your hot tub with the indescribable leisure of the hammock — and it’s glorious.

“The Hydro Hammock uses a water heater system that heats water from a garden horse or other water source to fill into the hammock,” explains HiConsumption. “Basically, it gives consumers the ability to create a hot tub on the fly wherever they are, whether it be at the beach or on a mountaintop somewhere. It also has two USB chargers for your devices so that you can charge your smartphone while you’re relaxing in your hammock.”

Yes, we’ll admit it, this contraption does look a little ridiculous. Why shell out so much money to essentially take a bath outside? And how the hell do you get into (and out of) this thing in the first place? All of these potential problems are overruled by a simple fact: it’s a goddamn hot tub hammock. 

The Hydro Hammock has already received more than $77,000 on Kickstarter since it launched this summer, and as of September 14th the brains behind this ingenious relaxation cocoon are ramping up bulk production. While early backers are snagging their hammocks for as low as $260, chances are these bad boys could become available in the coming months — just in time for winter.