How German Walls Fight Back Against Public Urination

It’s Peeback time.

It’s late, you’ve been out all night, and you’re miles away from a public bathroom. As you know, it’s all too easy to duck into an alleyway and relieve yourself up against a wall. But in the Hamburg neighborhood of St. Pauli (famous for the girl), public urination by drunken visitors became such a pervasive problem that the community decided to band together and fight back.

To curb abuse by wildpinkler (yes, Germans have a word for “wild pee-ers”), residents began to coat walls with the same type of paint used to coat ships’ hulls. If a reveler does his business against the wall, the urine-resistant paint causes pee to splash back at the offenders. These walls, combined with signs that read “Don’t Pee Here,” are part of a larger campaign called “St. Pauli Pees Back.”

Ah, German innovation.