How Terminator 2 Inspired a Breakthrough in 3D Printing

CLIP is taking to another 3D Printing dimension, thanks in part to the Governator's dystopic film franchise.
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Carbon3D unveiled "Continuous Liquid Interface Production technology” on Monday, completely revolutionizing the 3D printing game and giving us a new favorite pastime, watching as objects emerge fully formed from pools of resin: 

The makers were inspired by this scene in Terminator 2: Judgment Day in which T-1000 rises up from a pile of metallic goo:

​“By controlling light and oxygen exposure in tandem, intricate shapes and latices can be made in one piece instead of the many layers of material that usually make up a 3-D printed object,” The Washington Post explains. Hence why this tiny replica of The Eiffel Tower looks so sleek:

Who knew that a fictional evil robot would lead to such impressive technological strides in the future? Here’s hoping that CLIP never turns on its creators.