You Can Play ‘Human Billiards’ on This Giant Inflatable Pool Table

It’s the soccer-pool hybrid game you never knew you needed.

Inflatable Pool Table Promo

Croquet. Badminton. Cornhole. These are all games one expects to see at a backyard barbecue

However, this “Human Billiard Bounce House” from EZ Inflatables is all but guaranteed to astound guests at your next lawn party. 

Measuring 30 feet long and 17 feet wide, the blow-up pool table is freakin’ huge. Because it’s constructed from durable PVC-coated vinyl, it also weighs 900 pounds. 

We’re just glad each order comes with an electric air pump that can fill it up in eight minutes and ground stakes.  


Also included is a set of 16 soccer balls that are painted to represent a pool rack and cue ball. All you need to play are your legs and a little foot-eye coordination. 

Even with an admittedly steep price tag of $4,160, there are only two of these things left in stock. 

If you have to have this monstrous soccer-billiards hybrid, head to Wayfair to get it just in time for summer.