This Chilled Cup Is Literally the Coolest Way to Make Iced Coffee

From searing hot to ice cold in just one minute.

Cools your coffee 130 degrees in one minute

Unlike football, iced coffee has no offseason. It’s always a damn refreshing way to get your daily caffeine kick. But there’s a perennial price—time, money and/or taste, depending on whether you purchase it at your preferred java vendor or attempt to make it yourself. Not so with the HyperChiller ($30).

After spending the night in your freezer, this frosty vessel can cool eight ounces of your favorite fresh brewed coffee by 130 degrees in one minute flat. (A little longer if you fill it to its 12.5-ounce brim.) At that point, you can safely pour it over ice without wrecking the taste, or keep it undiluted by leaving it in a bit more.

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Although coffee was the inspiration, this device could certainly also be used to chill hot tea or more interesting beverages. Experiment all you like, cause it’s made from BPA-free plastic and food-grade stainless steel, safe to toss in the dishwasher.

They appear to have fulfilled the orders from their successful Kickstarter campaign in August. But it’s been such a hot item lately that it’s currently on backorder till the first week in March, which is delightfully just a few weeks away.

Is it summer yet?