This Accessory Turns Your Android Phone into a Game Boy

Handheld gaming goes old school in an awesome way.

Smart Boy Developer Kit (Photo: Hyperkin Lab)

Tech-wise, gamers are a funny bunch. On the one hand, they crave the most hardcore controllers, cutting-edge consoles and tricked out gaming thrones imaginable. Yet something inherently nostalgic requires that they also have steady access to genuine old school titles, with their heartwarmingly inferior graphics and gameplay.

At home, a retro console made of gold or one that can play games from 10 classic systems fits the bill just fine. But soon you’ll be able to relive your glory days on the device that defined the handheld gaming movement.

Hyperkin Labs’ Smart Boy Developer Kit ($60) essentially turns your 5- to 6-inch Android phone into a Nintendo Game Boy playing original GB and GB Color cartridges on your fancy schmancy smartphone. Just slide it into the accessory’s double-sided micro-USB port and you’re ready to go.

Scheduled for a pre-holiday release (Photo: Hyperkin Lab)
Scheduled for a pre-holiday release (Photo: Hyperkin Lab)

The creators say it’ll be available in December, 2016—just in time for the holidays. You can pre-order it now, and you won’t get charged until it ships.

As for you iPhone users out there, try not to whine too loudly. After all, there are plenty of mobile game pads out there for you too.