Snag this snow-slaying gear and kick Ol’ Man Winter in his frozen nuts.
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Shred Sled

Got 80,000 miles on that Flexible Flyer? Time to upgrade, son. If revving Polaris’ beefy two-stroke 795 cc engine doesn’t get your man juices flowing, well, the 2011 800 Rush Pro-R’s

heated handgrips and cushy progressive-rate rear suspension definitely should. Your frostbitten mitts and tender nether bits will thank you. $11,599, polaris

Swing Blade

Whether you’re dangling off K2 or excavating an overfrosted icebox, a versatile climbing tool is clutch. The serrated Petzl Ergo has an adjustable handle, curved shaft (hey now!), and 1.4-pound footprint. More importantly, it is ideal for collecting frost for a well-deserved margarita. $325,

Storm Trooper

Unlike most gear you’re hauling around, this limited-edition timepiece pulls its weight and then some. On top of the Suunto Core Extreme Edition Everest’s digital compass, thermometer,

and 29,500-foot altime­ter, its barometer can predict inclement weather. Even a Sherpa with a crystal ball can’t do that!  $429,

Off the Chains

Don’t let snow spoil a kick-ass ride. With its 3.8-inch tires, Surly’s Pugsley Complete nine-

speed has more traction than a monster truck and more components than a racecar: Ritchey headset, Hussefelt crank set, Shi­mano drive train. And heavy-duty disc brakes for stopping on the slick stuff. $1,550,

Outer Limits

Why double-bag if you don’t have to? The North Face’s Kishtwar soft shell is sewn with Polartec Power Shield Pro, a breathable, flexible material that’s essentially water-, wind-, and frost­proof. No other reinforcements necessary. $279,