If The Flintstones Had a Segway, It Would Look Like This Halfbike

The latest in two-wheeled tomfoolery will get you buff while leaving you blushing.

Behold the Halfbike, (and then behold us – you haven’t said a thing about the new sweater we’re wearing). Some totally-not-made-up company called Kolelinia has invented what can best be described as a stripped-down-Schwinn-meant-to-make-you-slim.

This sassy cycle has no seat, no real handlebars (you turn the thing by leaning, which results in a ride that feels more like gliding than pedaling), and zero breaks to speak of, with riders forced to crash into stationary objects in order to stop. (OK…it actually does have hand breaks.)

“Halfbike brings you a completely new experience,“ says the Arizona-based firm. “It’s a vehicle that combines running and cycling which turns out to be remarkably exciting and fun for getting around the city.”

As for how you LOOK?

Well…take a gander:

This cute little contraption can fit in an elevator and is light enough to carry up a staircase. As for the cost, Kolelinia is trying to fulfill its mass production dreams via an $80,000 goal on Kickstarter, but a Halfbike can currently be all yours for the totally-worth-it price of $799. Before you put your wallet back in your pocket, the company assures squeamish cheapskates: “You’re clearly paying a premium for the coolness factor.”

That’s what they said about the crate of jorts we bought 20 years ago.

Photos by Facebook.com/kolelinia