If Playing Cold, Wet Spring Golf Is Your Thing, Get Galvin Green

Is spring almost here, really? Suit up for the shoulder season with this serious tech apparel.

Awake, you miserable, hibernating golfer! Turn off the Morrissey, throw on some Stones—spring is (officially) here. And depending on where you’re teeing it up, that means rain, wind, mud, cold snaps,  maybe wolves – who knows? Point being, you’re going to need proper weather gear for a triumphant return the course, and the horrifying nylon pull-over you got at the company picnic ain’t gonna cut it.

You need Galvin Green, pal. This Swedish clothes maker specializes in a caliber of precision golf outerwear that will carry you through the most offensive weather in comfort and style. From base layers to outer shells, these Scandinavian golf nuts give all-weather hacking the respect it deserves.

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Take the “Aron” Gore-Tex shell and “Duke” layering piece, both of which we selflessly field tested, and both of which nearly broke our quality measuring stick. Constructed with 1.4 billion microscopic pores per centimeter, the “Aron” manages to be monsoon-level waterproof and extremely breathable at once (no sweating in this thing!)

The “Duke” is like a supple glove for your upper body.

Most importantly, these jackets stretched effortlessly in all the right places. Golf outerwear usually looks nice but morphs into a straightjacket when you start to swing. Galvin Green is built to move.

Time was, you could only score these fine threads in Europe. With the company now expanding their American presence, stateside golfers have a chance to get their hands on this pro level gear. Don’t get caught out in the rain! (galvingreen.com)