If You’re Not Grilling Steak With Satellite-Based Artificial Intelligence, What’s the Point?

The new Cinder grill takes the guesswork out of meat preparation. And there’s only a small chance it will lead an appliance revolution.

Have you updated your grill’s software recently? Probably not – unless you consider the rained-on remains of a Financial Times you used to get the charcoal going while overcome with burger lust software. Grilling has, after all, always been a decidedly low-tech affair, a modern culinary rite identical to a neolithic survival tactic. Fortunately (or something), Silicon Valley engineers are about to end our ongoing quest for fire with an algorithm we can use to warm ourselves and our meat instead. The Cinder grill, which runs Cinder Sensing Cooking, uses sensors to monitor meat thickness and consistency then programs heats up the gristle to exactly the right temperature, keeping things pink and a bit red a never ever ruining a filet. Information is then relayed to a network and Skynet takes over the planet, but – in the meantime – you get a delicious meal.

And, yes, it looks like a George Foreman Grill. Don’t judge. Our future robot grill overlords will use judgmental humans as charcoal. [$499; cindercooks.com]