Take Polaroid-Style Pics With This Awesome Instant Camera Reboot

There’s a new way to snap old-school instant photos.

The I-1 analog instant camera will be available May 10th

Edward Land, who founded Polaroid and invented the world’s first instant camera, once said: “Don’t undertake a project unless it’s manifestly important and nearly impossible.” This quote has served as the inspiration for Impossible Project, which has already created working Polaroid film to resurrect those classic cameras and plans to unveil their very own, the I-1 ($300), on May 10th.

Although printing instant shots is partly about the purity and immediacy of the photography, this camera packs new tech as well. Beyond a convenient rechargeable battery, a Bluetooth connection lets you remotely trigger the shutter and control the camera’s ring flash and aperture through an iPhone app.

In other words, you can capture raw shots or add your own artsy take as you like. Speaking of raw and artsy, we applaud this retro revolution and eagerly look forward to what (quickly) develops from it…

Candice Swanepoel sports cleavage—oh, and glasses
Candice Swanepoel sports cleavage—oh, and glasses (Photo: Fashion Gone Rogue)
A Helmut Newton-like shot
A Helmut Newton-worthy shot (Photo: Instagram/art_jungle)