Indian, the Legendary Motorcycle Maker, Is Back!

The storied American bike company is back in business and as badass as ever.

Photo Courtesy of Polaris Industries

Pop quiz: What was America’s first motorcycle company?

If you guessed something that rhymes with “Marley Mavidson,” you’re wrong! Fact is, Indian Motorcycle, founded in 1901, is the correct answer. The company is now under new ownership, and they’re once again producing some of the sweetest-looking and most powerful motorcycles in the world. Perhaps most familiar to non-gearheads from the Anthony Hopkins vehicle (get it?) The World’s Fastest Indian, the bikes are known for their distinctive valanced fenders, lighted “war bonnet” on the front fender, extensive use of chrome, and, of course, their vintage badging. All of these characteristics are on full display in their three new models: The Indian Chief Classic (pictured above; MSRP: $18,999), the Indian Chief Vintage (MSRP: $20,999), and the top-of-the-line Indian Chieftain(MSRP: $22,999).

As Steve Menneto, the VP of Motorcycles of the brand’s parent company, Polaris, puts it, “The lucky few who purchase these limited number bikes will truly own a piece of history, concurrently representing Indian’s rich past and its limitless future.” Yeah, if you can wrap your legs around one of these bad boys, you are very lucky indeed.

Indian Chief Vintage

Photo Courtesy of Polaris Industries

Indian Chieftain

Photo Courtesy of Polaris Industries

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Indian Motorcycles