Introducing The 200-Horsepower P51 Combat Fighter

Confederate Motorcycles’ much-anticipated second-generation P51 Combat Fighter arrives with unsurpassed V-Twin power and a $120,000 price tag.

The maker of the world’s coolest, most exclusive, and most expensive motorcycles has released its latest stunner, the 200-horsepower, $120,000 P51 Combat Fighter.

Confederate Motorcycles is known in design circles for its incredible machine age aesthetic and in engineering circles for the unbelievable hardware the company uses to create these pin-up gorgeous machines at its Birmingham, Alabama headquarters.

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Ralph Lauren used a Confederate in its Manhattan store window display, while Neiman Marcus put one into its Christmas catalog. Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Tim McGraw, Bruce Springsteen, Steven Tyler and Tom Cruise are all past customers.

The company builds the P51 Combat Fighter’s monstrous 2,163 cc V-twin engine from computer-machined blocks of solid aluminum. Same for the frame rails that box in this enormous motor. They are designed to contain gasoline inside the frame, with goldfish-ready glass sides for a quick view of remaining fuel.

It probably won’t last long feeding that beast of an engine, but it will surely be fuel well spent when you are aboard.

“There exists both beauty and brutality in the P51 Combat Fighter aesthetic and the way it rides you,” notes Confederate founder and CEO Matt Chambers. “I have never wanted to ride a motorcycle like I want to ride this one.”

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Photos by Optic Group