Will a Voice-Activated, Self-Folding Scooter Usher in the Commute of the Future?

Well hello there, gorgeous.

Sure, it does sound a little oxymoronic to call a scooter sexy. Trendy, smart, sensible, Euro stylish maybe. But for it to make the leap to arousing (in the same way as a dirtbike or motorcycle), it’d have to do way more than just transport you al fresco. And it does.

Inu, the Israeli electric scooter with a Japanese name (meaning “dog”) is meant to be your constant companion, at home, the office and everywhere around town. Its special talent is that—either with a tap or using your voice—it automatically folds or unfolds in four seconds. That’s also the time it takes to go from a standstill to its max speed of 15 MPH.

Once you reach your destination, this sleek, 55-pounder compacts into a rollable package less than four feet high and about a foot wide. It earns geek chic points by offering a built-in smartphone holder, Android and iOS compatible app, GPS, and touchscreen handlebar controls. But is all that versatility and tech utility enough to make it an object of desire?


On their site, it looks like you’ll soon be able to pre-order this curvy, teched up whip for about $3,200, to be available early next year. The jury’s out on whether it’s sexy or not, but at least you’d be one step closer to owning a Jetson-like folding personal vehicle.

Photos by Green Ride