Here’s Why the iPhone 7 May Be Waterproof

Get ready for an onslaught of underwater selfies.

An Apple patent suggests future iPhones will be waterproof (Photo: Hypebeast)

As reported appropriately enough by Patently Apple, Apple’s just been granted a patent related to color balancing underwater photography, which strongly suggests—as should be patently obvious—they intend to make their future phones and tablets completely waterproof.

While MacRumors suggests that Apple’s worst kept design secret (removing the phone’s headphone jack) may also be a step in the waterproofing direction, others such as Motorola, Sony, and Samsung have previously figured out how to produce waterproof gadgets that retain those analog audio ports.

Although we’re not sure if next month’s forthcoming model will be the first iPhone impervious to leaks—the watery not informational kind—we do have to wonder if Apple will include some sort of strap (or perhaps magical buoyancy) to prevent the highly treasured smartphone from becoming sunken treasure when taking snaps in the briny deep.